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The Revolutionary Youth Theater (RYT) is a non-profit 501(c)(3) theater arts organization that's revolutionizing educational youth theater. Established in 2018 as Connecticut’s own youth theater, our goal is to nurture the talent of young people through the power of theatrical arts. We aim to inspire and challenge young artists to develop their talents, self-confidence, leadership, teamwork skills, compassion and self-awareness as they enter into new chapters of their life. 


We are as ambitious as the young people we serve. Because of that shared passion, we want to help open doors to new opportunities in the arts for young people. To make those opportunities possible, RYT provides a variety of master classes, including Acting, Dance, and Vocal Performance to young people ages 8-22. Students learn one-on-one with world-renowned professionals from Broadway, Netflix, and the big screen to gain once in a lifetime knowledge from beloved stars. From tips on auditioning to making magic happen as a crew member behind the scenes, your stage is our stage.


With each new season, we commission new and relevant shows, both plays and musicals, as well as reinterpreting the classics with our own twist. Keeping things fresh, we push the limits on what makes a show unique with custom made sets, original costuming and makeup, and a dedicated staff to ensure each production is one of a kind.

At the end of the day, our passion lies within teaching the next generation of creatives. With decades of theatrical performing and production experience, our team's top priority is to share with the world just how powerful and life-changing the performing arts truly is.




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