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In 2021, Bart Roccoberton was honored with the presentation of a Special Citation by UNIMA-U.S.A. and proclaimed him as “North America’s Chancellor of Puppetry Education and Training for the Twenty-First Century.”



Bart Roccoberton has been a professional Puppet Artist for nearly fifty years. He holds a B.A. in Speech and Technical Theatre from Montclair State College in New Jersey and an M.F.A. in Puppet Arts, which he earned at The University of Connecticut studying under Professors Frank Ballard and Albrecht Roser. Since 1975 he has toured popular puppet performances to schools, libraries, colleges, theaters and museums with his own troupe, The Pandemonium Puppet Company, and with the students of The Eugene O’Neill Theater Center’s Institute of Professional Puppetry Arts and The University of Connecticut’s Puppet Arts Program. 

He has created and performed characters for television programs, Broadway productions and special commissions; his workshops, which have been presented for elementary, secondary and college students and teachers are in demand across the United States and have been published in national magazines; exhibits he has mounted of his own work and the work of others have been presented in both extended and permanent runs; as Founder and Director of The Eugene O’Neill Theater Center’s Institute of Professional Puppetry Arts (1984-1990), he became recognized, internationally, as a leading advocate for the Puppet Arts in the U.S. He currently serves as Director of Production for the annual National Puppetry Conference at the Eugene O’Neill Theater Center, which has just celebrated its 33rd Anniversary this year. 



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