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Empowering Young Talent

Apply for the Revolutionary Youth Theatre Talent Scholarship!


At Revolutionary Youth Theatre, we are dedicated to nurturing the creativity and talents of young individuals through our summer youth theatre program. 


This is our Revolutionary Youth Theatre talent scholarship, a financial award of $125.00 designed to recognize and support exceptional talent.


To apply, simply use the form below to upload a self-made video showcasing your skills in singing, acting, or dance, along with a brief essay about your personal connection to the arts.


The deadline for submissions is April 26, 2024, at 11:59 pm. If you encounter any issues with file size, we encourage you to utilize the free service provided by and send your materials to


Thank you for applying to this scholarship and best of luck on your creative endeavors!

~ Mark Mazzarella, Founder

Apply for the RYT Scholarship
Upload Video
Upload Essay

Thank you for your submission!

Please allow 2 weeks for review on your scholarship. We will email you with our decision.

Questions about our scholarship?

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