While it is our sincere desire to see everyone who wants to come to RYT be able to, it simply isn't possible. Therefore, our simple registration policy is first applications received are the first registered. However, we are offering a Waiting List to fill spots that suddenly become available. While we cannot guarantee a spot for anyone who signs up for the waiting list, we know the law of averages says that at least some spots will become available and more will be able to come.

If a spot becomes available, we will contact you by phone and/or email. You will have 24 hours to respond. After that, we will contact the next person on the list.

Master Classes & Workshops

Song Interpretation and Monologues

Learn how to interpret a song and/or monologue. You'll also gain  the knowledge of how to break down your scripts into acting beats.In addition, you will learn how to use tactics to  achieve your character's objective in your monologue.

Audition Skills & Techniques

Auditioning has changed! We teach multiple classes on the different types of auditions and casting calls you may encounter in your career, whether you’ll be performing on stage for a director, or self-taping, , we’ll make sure you’re prepared.

Musical Theatre

This workshop recreates a true Broadway audition with the participants, who learn the choreography, staging from the Broadway Legally Blonde by the original dance captain. Students will also have a chance to have a talkback with the artist.

Theatrical Makeup

Students will be taught the fundamentals of makeup, color theory and coordination, safety, sanitation and hygiene. Students will learn to make scars, black eyes, and the details behind old age makeup.

Improvisation Skills

The ability to improvise in acting is crucial. We’ll teach you about improvisation as an art form, as well as a powerful tool in auditioning and in your performances.   

Commedia Dell 'Arte

This workshop will explore the tools to develop an expressive range in acting through the physical world of the mask and clown. Studying Commedia dell'Arte will enhance creativity, hone physical theatre skills, and spark imagination in all learners. 

Daily Schedule: July 6-10, Mon-Fri,

Times will vary for workshops and Master Classes

On Average:


Day A: 10:30am-12noon


Day B: 1:00-3:00pm





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